What our clients think about us

Griff Pippin   Comedian/Actor

"Working with Michael completely changed all areas of my life. It has strengthened my relationships with others, progressed my career much faster than I could’ve imagined and given me the mind-set and confidence to live the happiest life I’ve ever lived"

Ana Alberts   CEO, Charub

"I found my life purpose. And like so many of us that do, we are filled with excitement and dread all at the same time - how do I go about achieving this future that I imagined for myself? This is when I reached out to Michael. Whilst having no experience in tech, Michael is an expert at keeping things moving, at cheering you on, at helping you focus on the goal.   He has been the fuel in my machine, the voice in the background keeping me focused on the path and the next step. Michael is a rock that is not wavered by failures and continues to look for the successes. In each step forward, he celebrates with you.   This life purpose business is a long term journey and Michael has been there every step of the way, supporting me, brainstorming with me, disrupting my thinking, challenging me. I wouldn't have it any other way"

Hanoch Serebrenik   Comedian/Writer

"Before meeting with Michael I had been feeling depressed and stuck about different areas in my life such as: constantly thinking of unresolved events from my past, getting an actor's package together to get representation, and taking my overall performance the next level.   In the coaching sessions I had with Michael I was able to:   -Take responsibility of the futility of constantly thinking about my past and made me realize how that thought pattern was holding me back in my life. Since then I have been empowered to be present with my goals and people. -I set out a specific plan with goals and milestones to get representation. I've been empowered to take actions: such as getting headshots and a reel. I definitely recommend him to anyone looking to transform their mind-set and take their career and life to the next level"

Anna Karakhanova   Event Planner (Hollywood, LA California)

"Michael works from his heart and provided me with insight on how to empower myself and work from a place of power, confidence, and truth."

Katherine   Actress (Beverly Hills, LA California)

"Thank you again for my empowerment coaching session on friday. As actors we are so vulnerable and any empowerment tools are very helpful to help keep you going."