Business / Executive Coaching

Executives, CEO’s, Entrepreneurs and most successful men and women in Business have something within them that most people do not, what is it?

These people wouldn’t be in the position they are without the drive, determination and ambition needed to succeed at the top of their game.

These guys eat sleep and breath their role, there is emotion attached and many other considerations which can inhibit progress. We could look at this like a game, they are in the game, living it, playing it. Lets take a football match for example, you’re sat in the stands watching your favourite team on a Saturday afternoon, you’re a spectator, an observer you know exactly what the center forward “should” be doing, you know exactly where the midfielder “should” pass the ball because you see the bigger picture, the players on the pitch do not because they are in the game, living it. That’s where I come in, I see the bigger picture, I am an observer, there is no emotion or consideration attached, just an impartial, objective approach. I do not need to know the in’s and outs of the Business or the technical aspects of the company, I need to know YOU.

I will help you make your best better, I will help you unleash your full potential. We will cover all aspects of your life from nutrition, sleep, fitness, hobbies, personal relationships, professional relationships and much more. We will look at everything and see what isn’t quite working and change it so you can SMASH it.

Executive Coaching can help you:

– Be courageous.
– Identify executive strengths and development needs.
– Enhance individual and organizational performance.
– Identify where you currently are and where you want to be.
– Keep focused and resilient during tough times.
– Drive performance to the next level.
– Create greater work/life balance.

You wont hear jargon or typical coaching patter from me, I get straight to the point. I don’t want you spending weeks on end in coaching session, spending money unnecessarily, I want you out in the World achieving your goals, having wonderful relationships and above all………..SMASHING IT!



It can be challenging for Start up Entrepreneur’s, often it can be tough to find inspiration, motivation and guidance to get their business to the heights they are aspiring too. They absolutely believe in their product/business and their focus and attention is solely on the specifics of the product or service.

That’s where having an advisor/mentor on board can give you an impartial, objective viewpoint. Someone without the emotion attached. Someone to keep you on track with goals, keep you accountable; help you to move things forward and focus on the successes or even help you with the important meetings with potential investors and clients.

I offer coaching and mentoring to Start-up Entrepreneurs in return for shares in their company (negotiable)

This is a way of receiving first class, high impact coaching without having to cover the cost of a coach. You will have the faith in knowing that my absolute priority will be to ensure you achieve the success you’re aspiring to.

I have tried this method in the past with proven, measureable results.

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